Guiding User Experience

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About Me

User experience design lead, organisational design, behavioural design, and a little science communication.

I am Jan, Lead UX Design at the distinguished UX contractor UID, Germany. I lead in a large diversity projects. I support, teach and I empower. I support the growth of UX design capabilities in companies and establish the environment a user-centred approach needs to take full effect. The key is to understand the individual requirements of the projects, needs of my clients and their customers and user. Then adapt to it.


Ideas are the one resource that never runs out

Leading in the creative business has different implications than what we are used to. Though - of course - creativity is affected by limited resources, it can even benefits from it. It has unique consequences. Ideas never run out. It is a resource with a surplus. You cannot handle it the same way you handle time and knowledge. That is why collaboration in the creation and innovation business can develop a completely different dynamic and challenges that require unobvious solutions.


… to strive for


I can tolerate failure when it helps me learn and grow. Failure without growth gnaws at me.

Empower others

As a leader I am nobody without my team. It is my job to make the team strong which makes us strong.

Dependent Independence

Design is team work: everyone takes responsibility for each other and for themselves. There are no stars.


Incredible design drafts on paper are worth nothing unless you have the means to bring it into the product.